We certainly wish we could lay claim to having designed this device.
It is one of the smoothest operating and sophisticated we have run across.
This was actually created in our manufacturer's design facilities and we scooped it up the moment we set hands on it.
You will perhaps notice a marked visual similarity to the cheap cast aluminum and plastic "torque multipliers"
proliferating on auction web-sites and from cheap catalog firms.
Those devices claim to have 60:1 multiplication, but never make any claims for torque output.
Make no mistake. That is where the similarity ends.
This is an 1/2 inch input with a 3/4 inch output.
It has a multiplication ratio of 16:1.
It has a torque ratio of 9.5:1.
Maximum output is 1500 ft./lbs. or 1200 Nm.
It has a reversible anti-wind-up ratchet.
It has a sliding foot to raise and lower the body to accomodate deep-well sockets.
It has an overload protection device which protects the device under all circumstances.
It cannot be operated without the overload protection device (elegant solution).
In short, this is a tool-user's dream device.
It is not for loosening bulldozer sprockets in snowstorms in Antarctica.
It is for studiously tightening cylinder head bolts on that same bulldozer in the confines of a warm shop.
It's so sleek, you won't want to get it dirty. And it will do the work for which it is designed.
Price: $245 + $16.85 postage and insurance ($45.95 Canada; $63.85 most other International destinations)

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